FAQ (In English only)

1) What sort of customers are you specialized in? Who is your average client?

The main target group for our company are small groups of demanding tourists, who require individual approach. We also cooperate with foreign travel agencies, that we prepare programs for according to their special orders.

2) What services can I book on your website?

We have quite a wide range of services we can offer and are able to take care of  all matters related to your visit in our town. However, our clients are mostly interested in services in the fields of accommodation, guided tours, transport and also spa services.  

3) We will be passing through Olomouc soon and would like to have a look around the town. What services can you offer us?

We would recommend you a short guided tour, that might be terminated by a dinner in a traditional Moravian restaurant. The guided tour will show you the most important and also the most beautiful sights in Olomouc and should take about four hours.

4) We are a small travel agency from Austria and we have been organizing tours to Czech Republic for about 5 years now. Do you have any services you think we could use?

It would be a pleasure for us to prepare a special package of services for your clients exactly according to the target group, the duration of their stay and your budget. We are able to organize a tour for any kind of group, from school trips up to the spa stays for the seniors.

5) We are a family from Moscow and have already been to Czech Republic. We are looking for something new we could see. Can you help us?

Olomouc is not called “small Prague” for no reason. Our town has the second largest historic town centre in Czech Republic (the largest one is in Prague, of course), that includes more than 230 sights worth seeing. The centre is however not too large, so you can make it to see all of them in one or two days. Except for all this, the Olomouc region has a unique atmosphere and is therefore very popular with the tourists. We will be glad to be able to help you make you’re your journey comfortable, amusing and unforgettable.

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